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Our reignite rewards program is a powerful system that offers discounts, bonuses and incentives for using and sharing Reignite’s unique solutions & transformational experiences.


The Benefits of Becoming a Rewards Member

Live and Breathe Wellness

At Reignite, we are more than just a brand; we are a community that lives and breathes wellness. Our foundation is built on values that prioritise holistic health, mindfulness, and personal growth. We believe in the power of connection, both with oneself and with others, to create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Reignite is not just about products or Retreats; it’s about a lifestyle dedicated to living fully and embracing wellness in every aspect of life. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant way of living.

Make A Positive Difference

One of the most powerful opportunities we have as a human being is that of helping others. At Reignite, we believe in the profound impact that sharing knowledge, products, and experiences can have on the lives of those around us. We’re not about transactions; we’re about being a source of genuine support and inspiration. At Reignite we provide an opportunity to create a legacy of empowerment, to illuminate someone else’s path to wellness by sharing your own real-life experiences.

Get Rewarded Well

At Reignite, we deeply value the contribution of our Ambassadors and understand the significance of a strong rewards system to match. Your commitment to spreading the Reignite vision is met with a simple yet innovative and reliable rewards system. Through bonuses, commissions, and exclusive incentives, we ensure that you do well by doing good.

By naturally sharing your Reignite experience, you open up a world of possibilities where you’ll get rewarded for doing so.

Customer Rewards

Our Customer Rewards are designed to provide Reignite Customers with benefits for using and sharing reignite pRoDucts with others.


Never run out of your favourite Reignite products with Subscribe and Save. This offering allows Reignite customers to order their favourite products on a regular shipping cycle and have them automatically delivered to their door. By subscribing, customers can receive a 10-20% saving on the price of their products and enjoy free shipping on eligible orders.


Share your favourite Reignite products and experiences with your friends and be rewarded for doing so through our Give and Get program. This program enables you to share discount coupons with your friends. Whenever a new customer redeems their unique referral coupon, you will receive a credit which you can use towards your own purchases.

Ambassador Rewards

Our ambassadors rewards are designed to support reignite ambassadors with benefits for sharing reignite products and experiences with others.


As a Reignite Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a one-time Pack Bonus when you share eligible product packages. This bonus is granted when you successfully sell an eligible Product Package to a new Customer. Additionally, when you sell three specific Product Packages within a calendar month, you’ll also qualify for a Pack3 bonus.


As a Reignite Ambassador, you can earn a commission when any customer purchases individual Reignite products (excluding packs) through your referral link. The commission amount is determined by your Rewards Status and can range from 15%-26% of the product value (before tax).


As a Reignite Ambassador, you can share a variety of Retreat experiences and get rewarded for doing so. Earn a fixed Retreat Bonus on eligible experiences which can be used towards your own attendance, or choose to have it paid as a commission. You decide!


As a Reignite Ambassador, you can develop a leveraged based business by helping your personally enrolled Ambassadors to create their own customer base. When you do, you may be eligible to earn up to 30% matching commission on any Ambassador sales.


See an entire overview about the Reignite Ofeering from Reignite Founder, James Yates


Read through our Rewards Plan PDF to understand each of the benefits of Reignite Rewards

What to do next

Become a Reignite Customer & Apply… it’s that simple!


Become a customer of Reignite and experience the Reignite difference. Through our unique Products, Programs, and Retreats, you'll discover which element of our ecosystem resonates with you the most. This personal experience will naturally lead you to share your Reignite product or retreat story with others.


As a valued Reignite customer, you have the opportunity to take your involvement to the next level by applying to become a Reignite Ambassador. To get started, simply fill out your details and submit your application and you will be provided your login details within minutes so that you can begin sharing with others.


At Reignite, we make it effortless for you to spread the word. With personalised links and exclusive coupon codes at your disposal, you can seamlessly introduce others to the transformative world of Reignite. This user-friendly approach empowers you to share your genuine passion and experiences with ease.


Get in touch with our REWARDS Team Now and we'll provide you THE SUPPORT YOU NEED TO answers to all of your questions.


This webpage is simply a description of how commissions may be earned under the Reignite Rewards™ System. Any potential compensation is based on actual sales results and no commissions or bonuses are ever paid simply for introducing new people to Reignite. All references to income or earnings, actual or potential, implied or stated, are for explanation and illustration purposes only.They should not be construed as average or typical. Reignite does not warrant, guarantee or assure that any level of income, earnings or success can or will be attained by any Reignite Ambassador™.Reignite Ambassadors™ are responsible for meeting all qualifications, deadlines and/or customer requirements of their applicable level.Actual earnings or income will vary based on each Ambassadors level of sales and will be a result of various factors such as expertise, ability, motivation and time spent promoting and selling Reignite’s Programs, Products and Experiences.To participate in Reignite Rewards™, you must agree and abide by the Reignite Rewards™ Terms and Conditions which can be found at

Why Choose to Subscribe & Save?
  • Get 10%-20% off your favourite Products & Free shipping on eligible orders.
  • Automatically re-order your favourite products on your schedule.
  • Easily change the products or shipping date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.
  • Pause or cancel any time.
Check out all your benefits below:
Time period subscribed Subscribe & Save Discount Free Shipping
1-3 cycles  10% discount Free Shipping on AU orders $150+
4-6 cycles  15% discount   Free Shipping on AU orders $125+
7+ cycles 20% discount   Free Shipping on AU orders $100+