Feel your best.

Elevate your energy. Nourish your body.

DT21™ is a powerful at-home lifestyle program that provides a unique eco-system of education, products and tools to help you feel your best long-term. 

About the DT21 Cleanse®

Developed in conjunction with leading experts, the DT21 Cleanse® System is a lifestyle ‘reset’ designed to help you to reboot your energy, nourish your body and thrive with sustainable tools that can help you make positive changes in your life, long-term.

Unlike many ‘cleanse’s’ which may be used as a ‘marketing tool’ or short term solution, DT21™ is developed towards empowering you to make 21 days of positive, healthy changes which are sustainable over time. Rather than changing everything over night, we empower you to simply get 1% better each and every day.

With the DT21 Cleanse® you cannot ‘fail’, you can only get 1% better each and every day.

Why the DT21 Cleanse®?


In our modern world, we have a tendency to be engaged in many lifestyle related habits that can contribute towards depleting our overall vitality- from our poor nutritional choices and high stress work environments, to our exposure to environmental pollutants, lack of moving our body and so much more.

When we accumulate the habits that put our body under constant stress and we don’t take time to slow down and reset, we have a tendency to throw our body out of balance, causing us to feel tired, run down or even a little sluggish.

Whilst many of the leading causes of poor health are lifestyle related, many of us just aren’t taking the time to take ownership of our lifestyle choices.

Developed by Wellness Leaders, James Yates & Chantel Rose and in conjunction with leading experts, the DT21 Cleanse® puts the power back in your hands, providing you with an eco-system of education, awareness and accountability over 21 days so that you can feel better, nourish your body and have the energy to thrive long-term.

Trusted By The Experts

DT21 Cleanse® Benefits

We completed a DT21 Cleanse Trial in Q4 of 2022. Of those participants that completed the program, we observed the following results after 21 days

How DT21™ Supports A Healthy Lifestyle


Create positive habits that last


Get more colour on your plate


Move your body, feel your best.

What's in the box


1 x DT21 Cleanse®
Learn Guide

Your Complete Information Guide. Providing you with a powerful and effective 7 Elements Cleanse Protocol to create positive new habits that last.

1 x DT21 Cleanse®
Eat Guide

Includes over 60+ Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes including Juices, Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, Lunches, Salads, Snacks and Dinners.

1 x DT21 Cleanse®
Move Guide

Providing you access to 3 x on-demand 40-minute Yoga Sessions and a daily Stretch Protocol which include 9 key stretches to utilise over the course of your 21 days and beyond.


1 x alphaVIE®

A nutrient-dense 6-in-1 superfood formula with an exclusive blend of 12 organic superfoods, microalgae, adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs. álphaVIETM is Nutrition to Thrive.

2 x Detox Functional Infusions

An exclusive blend of cleansing herbs to support the body’s natural elimination process. A great addition to your daily wellbeing routine

1 x Relax Functional Infusion

Calming herbs to assist the body to renew and de-stress. The perfect companion to unwind from a busy day and ease you in to a good nights rest.

1 x DT21 Cleanse® Skin Brush

Made from bamboo and sisal fibre, your Reignite Skin Brush was developed to support you to exfoliate, cleanse and energise your body. Dry brushing has been used to support circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow and more!


1 x DT21 Cleanse® Tracker

The DT21 cleanse tracker provides you your 21 days of accountability. Check off each of your activities and celebrate your wins as you go!

Online DT21 Cleanse® Community Support

Our Facebook Community will give you access to the accountability and resources you need to maximise your DT21 Cleanse™ experience.


Feel Better

The 7 elements of the DT21 Cleanse®

This Element enhances your daily cleanse protocol by providing you with two Reignite products: àlphaVIE™ – a powerful adaptogenic supergreens, and the DT21 Skin Brush™.

This Element emphasises the importance of staying hydrated for general health and supporting the body’s natural cleansing process.

This Element harnesses nature’s cleansing benefits. We encourage spending time in nature, maximising the elements for a happier, healthier life.

This Element aims to raise awareness about your daily choices that may contribute to your body’s toxic load. It offers a range of ‘swap-outs’ during your 21-Day Cleanse and beyond.

This Element emphasises nutrient-dense foods, rich
in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fibre, alkalinity, and water content. It supports detoxification and optimal bodily function.

This Element encourages regular body movement to support natural cleansing ability. We provide 3 x exclusive Yoga sessions for their
mind-body benefits.

This Element underscores the importance of adequate sleep for promoting optimal well-being for the body. It supports digestion, elimination, and brain health.

Move your Body

Join world renowned Detox Yoga Expert, Amy Schneider for 3 x unique DT21 Yoga flows, designed to help you to sweat and move your body.


It's time to Reboot, Nourish and Thrive!

Loved by the Experts

Camilla Brinkworth

Plant-based Naturopath

I’m a big fan of the work Reignite is doing. Their Plant-Based approach has such tremendous potential to improve lives, and is backed up by a mountain of ever-growing research.”

Lynsey Vinen

Integrative Health Practitioner

The DT21 Cleanse has not only been a game changer for myself and my family but also for my clients.

Heidi Merika

Naturopath & Medicinal Herbalist

Reignite has created a range of high quality, ethnically sourced ‘all in one’ products and packs, that address multiple issues in a convenient way, so customers can focus what really matters to them. Their health, their connections with loved ones and the creative expression of their souls purpose.


Unlike many cleanses that serve as short-term solutions or marketing tools, the DT21 Cleanse® is designed to empower you to make sustainable, positive changes over 21 days. It’s not about drastic overnight changes but focuses on gradual improvement, helping you get 1% better each day.

The DT21 Cleanse® System is a comprehensive programme that includes educational and practical guides, over 60 plant-based recipes, yoga classes, and specific products such as the 6-in-1 superfood formula alphaVIE®, Detox Functional Infusions, Relax Functional Infusion, and the Reignite Skin Brush.

The DT21 Cleanse® System provides you with the tools and resources needed to nourish your body and optimise your well-being. From the Learn Guide with insights and protocols to the Eat Guide with plant-based recipes and the Move Guide with yoga classes and daily practices, each component empowers you to make simple yet powerful lifestyle choices. Additionally, the included products and online community support offer accountability and resources to maximise your cleanse experience.

The DT21 Cleanse® System is designed to support individuals looking to reboot their energy, nourish their bodies, and thrive with sustainable tools for positive change. However, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness programme, especially if you have underlying health conditions or dietary restrictions.